how theMBB's do Halloween

a glance inside of our personal celebrations

With the fall season here, Halloween becomes ever present. Buying costumes, stocking up on candy + covering your house with spooky decorations creates fun family traditions. In this post, we give you all a peek inside what Halloween looks like in each of our households.


Shawnna’s House ::

I was raised in a Christian household where, instead of trick or treating & getting all dressed up, we went to ‘Hallelujah Night’ at church. We would sing songs, discuss why Halloween was evil & satanic, and then we’d watch a movie about the rapture (and trust me, after watching the movie, you didn't care about candy & costumes). Additionally, my siblings and I weren't allowed to even go to school on Halloween if the school was holding a Halloween celebration. Luckily, my grandfather would always get us our own grocery bag filled with candy, so we never missed out on the candy part.

Because of this, I was completely disinterested in the day, even moving into my adult years… that was until I had my daughter. Her father's family celebrated & I allowed her to celebrate it with him, although I still didn't celebrate. Fast forward to now... I still don't celebrate Halloween for myself. I do hand out candy to the passing children, I allow my children to participate in school activities & walk around trick-or-treating, and I will even decorate the outside of my house. I do all of this for my kids; funny how things change…

Rudy’s House ::

Halloween for me was always a day to look forward to as a child. Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, my grandfather (Leroy - or Pop-Pop to us) would gather all of his grands and take us out until we collapsed. He would make sure everyone was safe, happy and, most importantly, loaded down with plenty of candy. As an adult I have, like most, frequented the adult-version of Halloween parties, especially the ones my old roommate, who was known to host the best basement parties in the DMV, would throw. And though I am also a Christian, my mother made it clear that participating in trick-or-treating was denouncing my religion.

Fast forward to Halloween circa 2017… I purchased my son’s costume and I think that I was more excited than he was to go out in the neighborhood. He was all decked out in his Mickey Mouse costume, but he literally broke out into hysterics while walking out the door. I think maybe my son was too young for the experience, but the positive side is that he is such a giver. He really enjoyed giving out the candy more the receiving it, and we do save money too by not splurging on costumes. So, this year we will be decorating our pumpkins, eating our Halloween themed meal (spaghetti with meatballs that looks like eyes) and giving out candy. Trick-or-Treat Y’all!!!!!

Diedre’s House ::

I have never been the one to like crowds, candy or dressing in costumes for that matter, and putting them all in one arena just makes it an automatic NO for me. Even in my adult years I can count on 2 fingers how many times I have gotten dressed in costume or even attended a Halloween party. Now, to clear things up, this has nothing to do with my religion. I am a Christian, but that’s not why I choose not to celebrate Halloween; I just don’t care for it (for the reasons listed above). You would think things would change once I had the boy. Well, it didn’t. I mean, I definitely bought a bunch of costumes for him, because let’s face it, who can resist a chubby baby in costume. He was allowed to wear them in pre-school, and we would go to the Aquarium’s A-Scary-Um event for fun, but that was about it. It also didn’t seem to make much of a difference since his school does not allow costumes to be worn at school for Halloween, and I don’t allow him to have much candy anyway.

It wasn’t until the year before last, when my son was 7, that he asked to go trick-or-treating. My husband agreed to take him because he knew I wasn’t into it, and I thought, this might be their new tradition (and another rare chance I get an hour or 2 to myself to watch something “girly”). I wasn’t even half way into my first tv show before I heard the front door open.

“Is everything okay? Was it too cold? Did it start raining?” I don’t know why I asked those last two questions. I could see clearly out the window that it wasn’t raining, and I knew it wasn’t cold.

“No, he was just ready to come back,” my husband responded. Did my ears deceive me!? Could my child be like me? After a flurry of questions, we settled on the fact that he just didn’t like it and really didn’t care to get candy. I felt a sigh of relief. One - you can’t help but wonder if you’re ruining your kid’s childhood sometimes when you don’t indulge in activities like these, and two - now I wouldn’t have to worry about it later.

So here is what we do come the Halloween Season - we spend a few nights watching Halloween themed movies (you know all the ones that come on Freeform & Disney). And on Halloween night, we pick our favorite movie for the year, I make my famous chili or some Brunswick stew, the husband lights up the fireplace, we make s’mores for dessert and we hang out… just the three of us.

I have come to enjoy our little version of Halloween. It’s always a fun way to spend some much needed time together, and boy… the savings alone on costumes and candy are well worth it!

Let us know in the comments how you all spend your Halloween 🎃

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