the mbb's guide to updating your fall fashion

Practical fashion tips to take you from basic to bomb!

We here at The Modern Black Belle love fashion, but we often feel intimidated by all of the Fall Fashion advice that is floating around the web. Beautiful model-like bloggers travelling to New York and Paris fashion weeks just to turn around and tell us about the latest couture and runway trends that most of us cannot wear in a practical way.
Well if you’re on the hunt for some fall fashion advice that can combine the latest trends into your every day life, continue reading below 🍂

Photo by    Jakob Owens    on    Unsplash

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

1. Popular Fall Colors

Let’s get started with the latest in color trends for the Fall 2018 season. According to The Pantone Color Institute, this season’s colors include vibrant options like Red Pear, Valiant Poppy, Nebulas Blue, Ceylon Yellow, Russet Orange, Ultra Violet and Martini Olive.

Tip: Pair these bright pops of color with your classic fall staples like Sargasso Sea, Tofu, Almond Bluff, Quiet Gray and Meerkat.


2. Mixing in Patterns+ textures

Photo by    Alisa Anton    on    Unsplash

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

Speaking of how to make pops to your classic fall staples, let’s talk about patterns! We love a good classic color pairing, but adding some pattern and texture, or even layering patterns, can often make a basic outfit POP! Coveted fall prints can range from herringbone, plaid, tartan, argyle to even floral prints that feature autumn blooms.

Tip: A simple but great way to make a statement is by incorporating patterns and textures into your bottoms. This allows you to add some interest to your outfit without compromising your classic style.


3. Pleated Skirts + midi dresses

Photo by    Melody Jacob    on    Unsplash

Pleated skirts almost go hand-in-hand with tartan and plaid prints. These preppy styles, that are synonymous with collegiate fashion (understandably so as Fall is back-to-school time), are a great way to make a statement in your everyday wear. We also tend to forget that dresses and skirts can still be worn in the fall weather. Simply add some length by wearing midi skirts or ankle-length dresses. Pair your skirts and dresses with a quality pair of stockings to not only shield you from the cold, but to add an extra element of style.

Tip: Adding patterns to skirts and dresses is an easy way to update your basic fall style. Combining fall patterns with fall textures, like jean or wool, can even take your outfit up another notch.


4. Mules, Boots + booties

Photo by    on    Unsplash

Footwear is just as important as any other accessory in your fall ensemble. Mules are great for everyday wear, and boots can even be used as a focal point of your outfit. With so many options from flats to 4-inch heeled version, there is no way you can go wrong by wearing any of these options.

Tip: When wearing boots with your favorite skinnies, try tucking or cuffing. This will allow you to highlight this essential accessory instead of hiding them!


5. Sweaters, knits, Kimonos + cardigans

Photo by    Jordan Heath    on    Unsplash

Who doesn’t love the feel of their favorite comfy sweater on a chilly autumn day? Whether you’re cozy-ing up next to the fire or going out on the town, sweaters, knits and cardigans are a great way to keep warm during these cooler months. The fashion industry has taken most categories to new heights, and there is no exception for this one. You can find interesting pieces with exquisite embroidery, ones that lace up, incorporate bows, or are studded with pearls for the lady in you or with metal grommets for your inner rock star!


6. Scarves + shawls

Photo by    Pete Bellis    on    Unsplash

Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

We at The Modern Black Belle are all about staying warm! Stashing away an extra blanket scarf or over-sized shawl is nothing new to us, and it may not be new to you either. However, this is another way to make an update to your basic fall wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to purchase scarves and shawls that seem overly fabulous (as if there is such a thing). If you are looking to make a statement, but you tend to keep your Fall/Winter coats more on the classic side, why not jazz it up with a fun scarf. Transform your standard pull-over sweaters by layering it with an embezzled shawl!


7. Coats, Jackets, Vests + blazers

Now, in the previous topics above, we’ve mentioned taking a chance on fashion and adding some spice to your life. This will be no different - well, it’ll be slightly different. The items in this category are typically more costly, and should last through out the years. Because of this, we suggest that you stick with the classics: trenches, parkas, capelets, reefers and pea coats always stand the test of time. Puffer vests, tailored blazers, military or leather jackets also are considered classics. Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t add some interest; you just have to know how. Purchasing items with interesting details like brass buttons, asymmetrical zippers or contrasting piping will draw anyone’s eye to something so effortlessly chic.

Tip: Spend the extra cost to have these items tailored to fit you perfectly. Nothing says stylish better than well-fit clothing, and outerwear falls under this umbrellas as well.


8. Hats + Umbrellas

Photo by    Alisa Anton    on    Unsplash

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

Speaking of umbrellas, year-round, we have to stay mindful about protecting ourselves from the elements. Fall introduces a new climate and the beginning of temperature changes. Although it starts out pretty mild, temperatures quickly transition; the air becomes crisp, while hurricanes and the occasional snow fall remain ever present. But we at the MBB turn this problem into an opportunity to add some extra style to our more practical accessories. Cowboy and other wide-brimmed hats can provide some added protection from the still hard sun, while domed see-through umbrellas not only shield you from the occasional hurricane rains but also make a statement.


9. stay protected!

Photo by    Laura Marques    on    Unsplash

Speaking of added protection (from the elements that is), don’t forget to continue to wear sun-block and moisturize! It is so easy for us to forget that just because it is cooler that the sun isn’t shining any less bright. Remember to keep up with those daily routines we mentioned in our summer beauty post and also don’t forget to wear your sunglasses. Anytime where an accessory is essential to your outfit, it provides an extra chance to add some style to your basic wardrobe.

Tip: Again, this is an area where we will suggest you splurge on a quality pair of sunglasses. We promise that once you pay for good pair of UV-protection sunnies, you will ever go back (and trust us, your eyes are worth protecting).


Thank you so much for reading! Please comment below with your favorite fall fashion tips or trends + stay tuned for more mbb fall posts!

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