Rudy's Brazilian Wax (OUCH)

One Modern Belle’s Experience with Waxing & What You Should Know Before You Go

As a woman, personal maintenance is usually a no-brainer & most women will agree that personal maintenance + hygiene go hand in hand with one another. To us, it is most important for the health and well-being of ourselves and our bodies. A good hygiene & self-care routine impacts our appearance and how others interact with us (because let’s face it, no one likes the smell of B.O.). While we have all likely dabbled in shaving or using some form of hair removal creams, keep reading to find out more about Rudy’s experience with waxing and our recommendation.


Okay ladies, let’s cut right to the chase.

When you’re single or in the early stages of a new relationship, you probably are maintaining “down there” quite regularly. We even get a little giddy knowing that our partner will be greeted with - for lack of better words - a clean palette. It is absolutely a personal choice on whether you continuously engage in landscaping and how far you’re willing to take it. But there are SO many options on how to maintain your personal areas and we can typically find any reason to indulge. However, when you’re a busy mother like me, personal maintenance, unfortunately, falls pretty low when it comes to priorities. Then, to make my situation worse, being a single mom who’s not dating or thinking about dating… it becomes even less of a priority. Everything seems to come before taking care of ourselves, and we often feel ashamed when spending money on ourselves, especially when it’s on something that seems superficial like waxing. I can’t even tell you how I got the great idea to try a Brazilian Wax, but I did, and here’s what I learned.


For me, the idea of getting anything other than an eyebrow wax was already unnerving; I literally stopped dead in my tracks and contemplated my decision (for the millionth time) as I walked into the waxing center, but to my surprise, I had THE MOST LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE.

The wax itself only took about twenty minutes, and whether it was painful or not… you may be surprised. My experience was only mildly uncomfortable - I guess the complementary wine numbed me 🤷‍♀️ . But now, I am walking around feeling like a BOSS! I just want to go out, buy some amazing lingerie and get my sexy BACK!!!!! It’s crazy how something so simple could have such an amazing effect on me, not only physically, but mentally as well.

**Keep Reading Below for some Quick Facts, Benefits & Tips about Brazilian Waxing and why we think it’s totally worth it**

Okay, Let’s Break This Waxing Thing Down & Answer Your Questions

Bikini vs Brazilian - Is There a Difference?

Yes and no - a Brazilian wax is a type of Bikini wax. Bikini waxes typically come in 3 different forms:

  1. Standard/Line Bikini Wax - at MBB, we call this getting “your edges snatched.” This process only removes the hairs from the edges of your bikini line. You can think of it as trimming your edges or tidying your triangle - nothing more.

  2. Full Bikini Wax - getting a “full frontal” is what we like to say when referring to this waxing type. All of the hair is typically removed from the front. As with any of these procedures, you can leave some hair if you’d like (and in many different shapes).

  3. Brazilian Wax - or “smooth sailing” as we at MBB call it. A Brazilian wax gets ALL of the hair from the front to the back (and we mean EH-VEH-REE-THING)! For the smoothest results, we recommend getting a full brazilian (no hair left behind)!

For Real Though - How Much Does it Hurt?

It’s is always important to keep in mind that everyone’s threshold for pain is vastly different. If you have never had this area waxed before, it will hurt much more the first time than it will after the second or third time. BUT DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED! Most of the pain endured your first time is due to inexperience and -sadly- shaving. Instead of using a numbing cream (waxing centers strongly advise against this but we have seen it suggested on some sites) take an ibuprofen beforehand to help ease the pain.
Pro Tip: While some centers will wax you while Aunt Flo is in town (as long as you are wearing a tampon) we suggest avoiding getting waxed within 3-4 days prior to your cycle. Your skin is super sensitive during this time, and if you are not used to getting waxed, this will make your first time quite uncomfortable.

BUT How long does it really last?

If it’s your first time, you can expect your results to last anywhere from 3-4 weeks! this, of course, depends on how fast your hair grows back + if that’s not convincing enough, the more you wax, the thinner your hair will grow back, and the less you have to go. Some people even report only having to go every 6-8 weeks. can you imagine only having to do this once or TWICE EVERY 2 monthS?!?!
PRO TIP: Your esthetician will recommend something to soothe your skin between treatments, but most centers suggest exfoliating every other day & using aloe vera gel to relieve any itching/irritation.

So, I totally think I can handle it, how should I prep?

When you book your first appointment, make sure to let them know it is your first time. Some centers offer different “comfort” packages, and they will also tell you what you need to do to prepare. With that being said, here are some of the basics you need to know before you go:

  • SHOWER - gently exfoliating the area & exposing your skin to warm water before your procedure will not only open your pores, allowing for an easier + less painful removal, your esthetician will surely appreciate it.

  • Research, RELAX + Breathe - Nothing will help you more than relaxing and trusting the process, but doing your research will definitely help too. choosing your preferred waxing center, checking their reviews & reading up on their process may put you at ease and rid your brain of any “unknowns.” Also - reach out to your center and ask more questions. they are always willing to help!

  • GROW YOUR HAIR - we know it sounds obvious, but your pro will need something to wax. It’s recommended to have a minimum of 1/4” of hair - and depending on how quickly your hair grows, this could mean letting it grow for at least 2 weeks.

  • NO CREAMS or OILS - after showering, do not apply any creams, lotions or oils to your skin. This can prevent the wax from adhering properly to the hairs. The center you choose should not only prep your skin properly prior to waxing, they will do the same once finished to help soothe your freshly waxed skin.


The benefits of waxing over shaving are endless! You do it less frequently, it leaves your skin smoother and less irritated, your hair grows back thinner and finer the more you do it, and you will most definitely feel sexier once it’s finished!

Feel free to leave us any questions we may not have covered below or even tell us about your waxing experience!