summer home decor tips


Summer is finally here!  What’s not to love about the warmer weather and longer days?  And what better way to kick summer off by changing your home decor.  Let’s dive right in...


1. Let’s start with a good ol’ fashion Spring Cleaning

Nothing puts you in a wacky headspace more than a disorderly house.  Starting with a clean slate will allow you to see where you have room to make changes without the extra clutter.

Tip: I suggest keeping storage bins that are packed and labeled for the different seasons.  This is a great way to keep all of your seasonal knick-knacks stored and organized.


2. Let the light in!

One of the best ways to instantly brighten your home is by removing your blinds and curtains completely from your windows.  Nothing brings cheer like natural light, and there’s plenty to go around in the summer.

Tip: If you are wanting a bit more privacy, try swapping your normal shrouds for more light and flowing drapery.  This will keep things easy breezy.


3. Light and Bright

Remember, when decorating your home for the spring and summer seasons, you want to always keep your foundation light and bright.  This not only makes the transition from season-to-season decor smoother, but will also allow you to integrate different themes based on your desires.  Don’t forget to change out your heavier textures for lighter ones!

Tip: Invest in light colored slipcovers, area rugs, throws and curtains.  If of good quality, these items can be used year after year.  Think off-whites and soft grays, rattan or wicker and crisp linen.


4. Now add some color!

Once you’ve gotten a good foundation, pick a cohesive color scheme or overall theme for your most trafficked areas.  Your color scheme/theme can be expressed through accent pillows, throws, wall art, and other small decor pieces.  Adding splashes of color is a great way to keep things interesting without being overwhelming.

Tip: Popular Spring/Summer color pairings consist of bright pinks and oranges matched with soothing blues, shades of green with soft yellows.  Popular themes include nautical, coastal and boho-chic.


5. Use Fresh Flowers

Bringing the outdoors inside is a great way to celebrate the new season, and summer is the season of some of our favorite blooms.  From peonies and hydrangeas to lavender and yarrow, you can create beautiful centerpieces and accents around your house for some additional pops of color.

Tip: If you do not have a garden of your own or live near a well stocked farmer’s market, fake florals are always an option (and they last longer too).


6. Get your backyard ready for Guests

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, a host’s job never ends.  Setting up some semi-permanent outdoor summer decor makes entertaining a breeze.  Using string lights, lanterns, and hanging mason jar candles offer a great alternative to outdoor lighting.  If you use indoor/outdoor white lights in the winter, you can get year-round use once the warmer weather hits.  String some along your deck or wrap around the base of the trees in your backyard to get a soft glow for the outdoor nights.

Tip:For general entertaining, add a projector screen and some large throw pillows for some summer night screenings and extra seating.


7. Pull out the rocking chairs and American flags

Summer sparks something patriotic inside all of us.  You can almost drive down any street and find the American flag waving from every porch.  Paired with some rocking chairs and a cool breeze, your front porch becomes just as much as a staple of outdoor living as the backyard.

Tip: Don’t forget the homemade sweet-tea and lemonade for these extra long sunny days.


8. Don’t overdo the Red, White & Blue

It is easy to get carried away in America fever once the summer hits, but don’t be that person in your neighborhood who goes overboard with the RWB decor.  Try using pieces that look more weathered or antique to knock the color down a notch.  Star shaped pillows and red and white or blue and white striped items also do great in this area.

Tip: If you must use bright RWB, try incorporating the solids more subtly - think red flowers in a blue and white vase instead of American flag print everything. ‘MERICA!


9. Makeover that fireplace

If you own a fireplace, sometimes it’s easy to just keep it as-is all year around.  Cleaning it alone can be an absolute hassle.  But if you have the time and energy (or the means to hire someone who does have the time and energy) consider redecorating your fireplace to match the rest of the house.

Tip: Stack lighter shades of wood, use candles, overflowing florals or even large scale decor pieces inside of your fireplace.  Top the mantle with matching accessories and a brightly framed oversized mirror.


10. Bar Cart for the win!

Last but least, refresh your bar cart!  With the constant entertaining and need for on-demand refreshing drinks, owning and using a bar cart can be quite a life-saver.  Store your darker and heavier spirits away (but not too far away), and keep handy some of the more frequented summer beverages.  This way you can make spritzers, spiked lemonades and margaritas at any time!

Tip: Adding some summer-themed items can make a big statement.  Think pineapple shaped shakers and monogrammed napkins. 

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