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inspiring words from a 17-year-old and her most recent hair journey

Dianna, daughter of Shawnna - 1 of 3 of the resident MBBs, is quite the courageous young lady. At the age of 17, she is already very confident and grounded. Dianna loves to express herself through fashion, makeup and beauty, and now she finally was allowed to make a huge change to her appearance! Keep reading to find out her thoughts + feelings of her recent transformation 💇‍♀️

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On Monday October 12th, I decided to cut my hair… and I mean ALL of my hair. Now, before you start thinking of reasons of why I decided to cut my hair, let me just tell you. I did it simply because I wanted a little bit of change in my life. I have always been obsessed with colorful hair and different hair-styles, but I was never allowed to dye or cut my hair shorter than shoulder length. So to bend my mother's rule yet still experiment with hair I started wearing weave. From braids to sew-ins it was always changing. My hair became a staple to my personality. When I came into this phase of self care and change, of course my hair was the first thing on my mind. It wasn’t until recently (after years of begging) that my mom finally agreed to let me cut and dye my hair.

There were so many emotions I could have felt and so many ways I could have looked, and I feel as though that's what made me want to cut my hair. Heck, I could've hated my decision and just have had to make the best of it, but am SO happy I just did it and took the chance. I feel more confident than I have ever felt, and I feel I am at my most beautiful point in my life thus far. Here is my tip to anyone reading this post, to anyone who is struggling with the choice to cut your hair: don't think about anybody else’s opinion. It clouds your own opinion and makes you value theirs over yours. JUST GO FOR IT! You aren't beautiful based on your looks; you Are beautiful for so much more.

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